Art Tuition/Workshops

artmaking classes/workshops @ the nanoCUBE studio

students, professional artists, and hobbyists - all receive the same respect and level of commitment from me

please contact me if you are interested


my aim is that everyone will find his/her own mark and creative voice 

  • learn about the formal aspects of artmaking
  • and being introduced to a large selection of images by a range of historical and contemporary artists


and I offer a variety of foundation art workshops

  • drawing - a 6 session course that explores the formal elements of artmaking, and encourages you to develop your own style of drawing
  • colour exploration - a 6 session course that looks into working with colour and how to extend colour into your own artmaking
  • develop your personal alphabet - a 6 session course to help you discover your own creative interests, symbolism and themes
  • printmaking - monotype and relief printing (bespoke workshops)
  • simple bookmaking for artists - creating a range of artist's books in different formats (bespoke workshops)
  • contemporary artwriting for artists - a 4 session course that helps you to develop a writing style to reflect your 'brand' as an artist and then assists you to redefine your online presence, bio, artist's statements, press releases, and catalogue content - also available via ZOOM


the artmaking focus @the nanoCUBE

is to enable everyone to develop his/her own creative style and allow for a relaxed and encouraging studio environment​​

 studio ethos @the nanoCUBE


  • small group sizes or one-on-one
  • project-based sessions structured in an atmosphere of relaxed flexibility 
  • low-toxic studio practice: water-based inks - eco-friendly cleaning materials - paper recycling
  • my studio library of books about art history, artmaking practices and contemporary art is great for browsing and triggering ideas, especially during coffee breaks!