September 01, 2005 - September 30, 2005


My contribution to Forcefielda group exhibition with Sheila Flynn, Cheryl Gage, and Monique Rudman [van Rooyen])

2005 Gordart Gallery Johannesburg

Exhibition catalogue HERE

Artist’s statement

The theme of this print narrative lies in the changing cycles of nature, the flow and ebb of human relationships, and the awareness that intimacy is not a fixed state but changes even within constancy. The images are intended to be installed as a running circular narrative without beginning or end, to be entered into and engaged with at any point.

The rose has universal connotations, standing both for romance but also for relationship ambivalence as its flower and thorn co-exist. During the making of these prints, I established and tended for a small rose garden, while photographing and sketching the various stages in the roses’ life cycles of growth, development and dying down. For this body of work, I concentrated on seven significant stages: budding, opening bloom, full bloom, overblown, decay, pruning, and lying fallow.

Included in the imagery of the seven prints are core elements of seven readings from the humanist philosophy of I Ching which parallel each depicted stage of the cycle of the rose garden: return/awaken, expand/harmony, exuberant/harvest, sacrifice/decrease, exhaustion/disheartened, stripping/cut away, and waiting/preparation.

These states of being acknowledge the interrelated nature of the cycles of life: the inevitability of change, the certainty that one stage will follow another regardless of our interference, the sure knowledge that we have no choice but to live with this consciousness.

Mandy Conidaris


The following sources were used to research my topic and provide quotes in the artworks

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