September 01, 2005 - September 30, 2005


My contribution to Forcefielda group exhibition with Sheila Flynn, Cheryl Gage, and Monique Rudman [van Rooyen])

2005 Gordart Gallery Johannesburg

Exhibition catalogue with expanded artist's statement HERE

Artist’s statement

The themes of this print narrative lie in the changing cycles of nature, the flow and ebb of human relationships, and the awareness that intimacy takes on a shifting shape rather than a fixed state. I visualised that the seven artworks would be installed as a circular installation without a specific beginning or end, to be entered into and engaged with at any point as  a metaphor for the non-linear path that most relationships follow.

Predominantly each image depicts a rose which often symbolises romance in popular culture. Yet this symbol holds an underlying tension due to the coexistence of the rose’s velvet petals with the sharpness of its thorns. Before making the forcefield prints, I had planted and tended for a small new rose garden, photographing and sketching the various stages in the roses’ life cycles of growth and dying down. The most significant seven stages became budding, the opening bloom then full bloom, the overblown rose followed by decay on the stem, the pruning process, and then composting or the feeding for new growth.

These stages have been reinforced in the imagery by including fragments of text from seven readings of the humanist philosophy of I Ching. These parallel each depicted stage of the cycle of the rose garden: return/awaken; expand/harmony; exuberant/harvest; sacrifice/decrease; exhaustion/disheartened; stripping/cut away; waiting/preparation.

My intention was that this series of works acknowledge the interrelationship of the cycles of life: the inevitability of change, the certainty that one stage will follow another regardless of our attempts at interference, and that we have no choice but to live with this knowledge.


The following sources were used to research my topic and provide quotes in the artworks:

Beuster, J. 1991. The Jungian Construct Synchronicity, with special reference to The I Ching. Pretoria.

Blok, F. 2000. The I Ching: Landscapes of the Soul. Amsterdam: Blozo Products.

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